Our Orchestra Members

The Strings Attached Orchestra has over 30 members and is growing.  As musicians, the sound we make is important to us, so we strive to balance the number of players in our sections as best we can.  We welcome all violin, viola, cello and double bass players to contact us and we strive to give all amateur string players the same opportunity we’ve created for ourselves.



  • Concert Master:  Linda Byron
  • Associate Concert Master: Kate Goodale
  • Principal 2nd Violin:  Daniel Touma
  • Alexandra Soloman
  • Andrea Pines
  • Anne Simmonds
  • Bev Caswell
  • Bonnie Wasser
  • Braden Hommy
  • Christopher Petruccelli
  • Chu Wong
  • Dina Breslow
  • Ivan Lavine
  • Jason Yim
  • Jennifer Burak
  • Jerry Loterman
  • Karen Elliott
  • Lee Coplan
  • Lori Glass
  • Margaret Kerr
  • Michael Smith
  • Russell Spencer
  • Ruth MacLeod
  • Sina Fallah
  • Tanya Sweeney
  • Theresa Kim
  • Valerie Rackow


  • Principal:  Rachel Craik
  • Associate Principal:  Mark Tullis
  • Angella Hughes
  • Carolynn Jaye
  • Claire Hibbert
  • Kathy Ann Kelly
  • Kristy Williams
  • Ruth Levenstein
  • Yun You Xu


  • Principal:  Neil Dickson
  • Anne Stilman
  • Danuta Wyant
  • Ed Segalowitz
  • Joan Moss
  • John Bart
  • Len Silverberg
  • Malcolm Noble
  • Marja Cope
  • Niki Diamanti


  • Principal:  Brandon Benguaich
  • Astrid Foster
  • Andrea Rush


Are you interested in joining the Strings Attached Orchestra?  Contact us through the website or email us at info@stringsattachedorchestra.com for more information.

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Interested in joining the orchestra?  Contact us for more information.

We are a community orchestra – We fill our lives with music and we share it with others!

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