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We would like to share with you some of the touching expressions of praise which we have received over the course of the year.

Last Sunday’s program at the Bernard Betel Centre went down a treat, one has to say that your music group excelled themselves from start to finish and you would have easily thought that your musicians were professionals. The performers played to a large crowd who thoroughly enjoyed all the entertainment.  Glad we were there and looking forward to seeing you again.

– Harvey and Lil Frankel

We would like to express our gratitude to your outstanding musical team. The program was well prepared and related to our Chanuka and Parsha program. The children learned hands on about different string instruments, and got to see how a team works so well together. Mrs. Levenstien was animated and introduced each song in an exciting manner.  The children got very involved and everyone, staff, students, and children had a terrific time. Thank you for an outstanding performance.

 – Loving Care Centre

I have known Ric Giorgi for several years. He is a wonderful musician and teacher and I have had the opportunity to play music in various situations with him over the years. I, personally would be so honoured to work in an Orchestra under his leadership. He has the skill of knowing how to bring out the best in each musician and to develop their musicianship plus he knows how to handle different personalities which is very important. He also is very appreciative of everyone’s hard work to improve themselves, especially for the purpose of an Orchestra as a whole. From the beginning of a term to the end, every single musician will definitely develop by leaps and bounds.

 – Sally Carroll

I have known Ric for many years, and as a member of the audience of his ‘Rainbow Gardens Orchestra’ have applauded his presentations.  Ric and I have played together in a small jazz combo. It is always a happy event. Ric has an amazing ability to bring out the best in players, using a blend of warm humour, technical knowledge and patience. The obvious effect on the players trancends to the audience.  He creates a true joy of music for all.

-Paul A Hallam


We recently had a wonderful time at our 2014 Friends and Family Holiday Concert!  The event was a huge success with over 200 audience members and a roaring standing ovation!  SAO would like to say thanks so much to our wonderful audience!   We have heard some great things from you – some of which we share with you here.

I really loved the positive energy in the group, and I could hear it in the music. There was such a joy of sharing music. You can’t get that from a professional orchestra!

– Carey

My wife and I loved it.  It was great!

– Gershon Pick

Hi Ric  –  Congratulations to you and your wonderful orchestra.  We both enjoyed the afternoon.  Fabulous !!!!! Great selection of music!!!!!  Very Best Wishes

 – Jim Sweetland

In addition, Senator Nancy Ruth played Percussion with us during our Holiday Concert.  Having her with us was a special honour and we greatly enjoyed the time she spent with us both in the concert and at rehearsals.  We’d like to thank her for joining us.  She had the following to say to us as well:

I had a blast!

What an enthusiastic and welcoming orchestra the Strings Attached Orchestra is.  I thought it would be fun to be in the holiday concert.  I would ring the telephone in Pennsylvania 6-5000 and play my tambourine from piece to piece. I hadn’t realized the musicians were a serious, classical orchestra.  They welcomed me, tolerated my timing ’til I got it right, and thanked me profusely.  This is a great orchestra to join up with.

The Strings Attached Orchestra supported me, and I am going to support them.  I hope you will too.


 – Nancy Ruth

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