Ruth Levenstein

RuthInstrument:  Violin

Occupation:  Professor of Electrical Engineering

President of SAO

Ruth Levenstein is a mother of five rambunctious boys and a professor of Electrical Engineering at UOIT. In order to ensure that there is not a moment of life wasted, she also has several avid hobbies, including photography, pottery and of course music. She has played violin since grade 2, taking private lessons from the age of 7-17. While in undergraduate engineering school, university took over and she inadvertently and accidentally put down her instrument. The silence of her lonely violin was a loss she constantly regretted, but life has a way of getting busy and taking over, so between 17-37 the violin only had rare occasional use. In 2010 she brought the violin back into her life and joined an orchestra, where she played under the tutelage of Ric Giorgi. Under his baton she found the music flourishing and she is now musically inspired.


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