Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discirmination Statement

Strings Attached Orchestra Vision and Mission

We fill our lives with music and share it with others. Strings Attached Orchestra believes in the importance of community music-making and the positive impact it makes on our audiences as well as the orchestra members

Strings Attached Orchestra Values and Anti-Harrassment Statement

Strings Attached Orchestra is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities.

The Ontario Human Rights Code decrees that every person has the right to be free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned nor ignored at Strings Attached Orchestra.

Strings Attached Orchestra (SAO) is committed to ensuring a comprehensive strategy to address harassment and discrimination, by: 

  • promoting mutual respect, understanding and co-operation as the basis of interaction among the Strings Attached Orchestra and the community it represents
  • fostering the goodwill and trust necessary to protect the rights of all individuals within the organization
  • neither tolerating nor condoning behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of individuals
  • continuing to foster diversity within our organization
  • providing training and education to make sure everyone, i.e. SAO members, SAO staff and SAO board of directors know their rights and responsibilities
  • promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times for Strings Attached Orchestra members, staff and board of directors
  • regularly monitoring organizational systems for infractions of the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • providing an effective and fair complaints procedure
  • ●      if a claim of harassment or discrimination is brought forward, ensuring appropriate and timely follow-through measures will be taken
  • ensuring our values and policy are communicated to the SAO community via regular communication channels, such as the SAO website, and concert programme books

To view SAO’s full anti-harassment policy please click here.

We are a community orchestra – We fill our lives with music and we share it with others!

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