2017 Young Composer Initiative Winners

Damiano Perrella, first place winner of YCI 2017

Damiano is sixteen years old and a grade 11 student at Port Credit Secondary School and is currently enrolled in the regional Sci-Tech program. Damiano began composing at the age of 11 under the direction of his violin teacher, Zachary Ebin. Damiano has been playing the violin for 9 years and is a student with Etobicoke Suzuki Music. Damiano is a member of the Mooredale Senior Orchestra and is also the concert master of his school’s Symphony Orchestra. He has composed several pieces and has been featured twice in the repertoire of Arco Violini Ensemble. One of his compositions was featured as the finale of the Silent Voices Concert. Among his other hobbies and extracurriculars, Damiano likes to volunteer for his community and is a member of many school functions and councils.

Viaggio delle Farfalle, commentary by Damiano Perrella

I was inspired to compose Viaggio delle Farfalle during a stroll I took, during which I found a butterfly flying away. I was intrigued by the silence and gracefulness of the flight and I was immediately curious as to how I could translate this grace into music. Viaggio delle Farfalle, translated from Italian, means the voyage or flight of the butterflies. During this piece, I wanted to convey the emotions related with flight starting from a caterpillar. The piece starts with a sense of semi-freedom which then develops into a minor section when the butterfly is trapped in the cocoon, which is the inability to fly. Then, the piece continues with the breaking out of the cocoon and the slow deterioration of imprisonment. Then, close to the end of the piece, the butterfly becomes more and more free, finally ending with the most freedom and a sense of flying away. I wanted to make the piece about the butterfly and the defeats and victories that it had during its development. I was inspired by the beauty and perfection of a butterfly and its flight.

Damiano Perrella’s “Viaggio delle Farfalle”, played by the Strings Attached Orchestra at our 2017 Family & Friends Year End Concert.


Pau Ilerbaig-Bajona, second place winner of YCI 2017

Pau Ilerbaig-Bajona is a grade 8 student at the University of Toronto Schools. He has been studying Piano for 4 years, and Cello for the last 2. In his spare time, he produces electronic music under the name Vyper. He has been producing electronic music for a year and a half. He also enjoys competing in long distance running with the University of Toronto Track Club.

Galactica, commentary by Pau Ilerbaig-Bajona

Galactica is about an intergalactic battle. At the beginning, the massive spaceships on both sides prepare for war. Everyone is getting ready, and everyone is nervous. Then, the battle begins. The ships battle it out, with no side being a clear victor. There is great loss and devastation. Finally, both sides return home, filled with the happiness of not having lost, but the dread of not having won, either, and of having lost so much.

I write electronic music as a hobby, but I had never written a piece for strings. Since I play the Cello at school, my music teacher challenged me to arrange one of my tracks for a string orchestra. At first, that’s what I did, but afterwards I dropped the idea and instead wrote something original. It has been a fantastic learning experience!

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