Tracy Chan

on Ruan

Tracy Sze-Wing Chan will be performing on ruan, in Journey to the West, at SAO’s 8th Annual Season Finale Concert.

Tracy Sze-Wing Chan specializes in the ruan, which is a versatile but delicate Chinese plucked string instrument. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she began enjoying Chinese music in her secondary school years. She received training from the Hong Kong Music Office and was member of the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Plucked String Orchestra and the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra, performing in local and international events. Upon emigrating to Canada, she joined the Toronto Chinese Orchestra and has since been leading its plucked-strings section. With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geography and Resources Management, she is advancing her career in Workforce Management. She is also a source of happiness for her husband, Leonard, and her cats, Athos and Mizuki.

We are a community orchestra – We fill our lives with music and we share it with others!

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