The History of the SAO

WHEN: Flashback to the summer of 2014, the genesis of Strings Attached Orchestra

WHERE: A comfortable living room, somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area

WHO: Creative, resourceful, music loving minds of the Original 5:
Claire Morris, Bonnie Wasser, Sarah Heller, Ruth Levenstein,
Ric Giorgi

WHY: To brain storm how to create an inclusive, member driven, musically enriching community orchestra

And the HOW:

Under the wise and inspiring musical direction of multi-talented Ric Giorgi, Strings Attached Orchestra was formed. The initial group of 18 fledging string players, ranging from those who hadn’t played in over 50 years, to those who were aspiring amateur musicians had one common denominator:  a strong desire to play music together, and to excel.

SAO lucked in by having Ric as our conductor. Ric brought a wealth of musical experience and talent to the role of the SAO conductor: the man at the podium during our Monday night rehearsals was a well-known and sought after pianist, singer, jazz bassist, teacher, composer, and of course conductor.

From 2014 to 2019, Ric Giorgi encouraged, cajoled and coached SAO to grow from that fledging group of 18 to an enthusiastic community orchestra of 42, confidently mastering pieces by Bach, Beethoven and the Beatles. During those 5 years, SAO was repeatedly invited to perform at Sunnybrook Warriors Hall, City of Toronto Castleview-Whychwood Towers, B’Nai Torah Synagogue, Ontario Shores, The Granite Club and Isabel Bader Auditorium, Victoria College at University of Toronto.……….and our repertoire continued to expand …from Abba, to Gershwin, to Mozart to Vivaldi.

Ric Giorgi also shone the spotlight on the hidden talents of SAO members, and vocal soloists, flutists, and bass guitarists from amongst our membership graced the stage during our concerts.

Ric’s personal quote says it all…”I love all music, and I love helping others experience the joy that making it brings to both them, and the audience. Each week, I get to stand before musically inspired adults, who put aside work and family….to join together to make beautiful music out of thin air. What could be more awesome than that? Nothing, period!

The following tributes to the 5 wonderful years, 2014-2019 that Ric shaped Strings Attached Orchestra, attest to and highlight the long-lasting impact that Ric Giorgi has had on all of us. We are forever grateful.

Click here to read a tribute to Ric from our 2019 Season Finale Program.

We are a community orchestra – We fill our lives with music and we share it with others!

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